Chinese Economy : A Discussion

China is going through tough times economically. In this video Aadi and I discuss various issues concerning the decline in the economic outlook of China as I had outlined in my article Declining Times 
the discussion is based on data from Chinese media and is not a figment of our imagination. 



4 responses to “Chinese Economy : A Discussion”

  1. India has a few hundred billionaires including the two richest men in Asia according to Forbes. Mercedes Benz only sold 11,000 passenger vehicles in India in 2021. China has several hundred billionaires according to Forbes. Mercedes Benz sold 758,000 passenger vehicles in China in 2021. Which economy sounds like it is vulnerable to collapse due to extreme inequality? Which economy is powered by a thriving class of small and medium sized business owners and white collar professionals?If you ignore quality data that doesn't fit your narrative, you construct a delusional narrative. Imagination is not necessary for this type of fabrication.

  2. delusional narrative, imagination!!! :-)Sir, looks like your blog is important enough for the chinese trolls to start haunting it.

  3. where ever china invested that country gonebust

  4. Good observation. The internal situation must be really bad in China and we should be very wary of Emperor XI starting an external diversion.

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