Discussion on Failing Chinese Influence

This discussion is based on my article Waning of Chinese Influence . The topic is current and it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. However it is based on real examples where China has not been able to make headway in its global outreach. 

6 responses to “Discussion on Failing Chinese Influence”

  1. Very wide ranging discussion that gives a bird's eye view of Chinese “state of the state”.Looking forward to the next one

  2. Thank you very much general for that wide ranging bird's eye view of the Chinese “state of the state”. While the entire world seems to be pulling back on the relationship with the dragon I am sure the Chinese leadership would also be seeing it!Sitting at the checker boards plotting the next move? What could be that?Way back reading of the Chandal forces i had learnt that they habitually pause when the advance is not gathering the speed desired. They withdraw to regroup often to strike back.What could be that possibility? What is likely to be the dragon's weapon of revenge? Trust is one that you can never leave with them. Anything that the dragon touches meets a tragic end. Cautiously they have kept out of Afghanistan but how do they recoil from Sri Lanka where they are well invested?You did allude to the mystery of the rising trade between the two countries India and china. What should baffle us is the fact that despite the government's position so openly made the trade balance has adversely shifted in their favour. It continues to be so!I am sure you would be covering this aspect in your next talk. With so much money sunk in so many countries have they stretched too far? Is it the case of autocratic communism winding up the finishing stretch?Do you see a political upheaval anytime soon there?Thank you.Looking for the next one

  3. Beautifully articulated and a very balanced view. However we should remember that in International Relations there are no permanent friends or enemies.Chinese have been utterly foolish dealing with India. Just for a few kms of land they have made India an enemy. Actually there are no other conflicting interest between India and China.May be in another 10 years China will realise that building strong bonds with India and Russia will give them a huge advantage in their International Prestige.India will also realise that the US and Europe will continue to treat us like poor aid seeking country and will twist our tail at every step with their support of Pakistan.We just need to remember that QUAD is not the only option we have.Narinder Modi realises this and I believe we will move that way slowly.

  4. Japan helped Communist gain power bydestroying the Chinese Nationalist Army.USA helped China in its economic development to become second largesteconomy in the world.India helped China in conquering Tibetwith its stupid idealistic foreign policy.Even USSR utterly failed in understandingChina.It is premature to assess that Chinesepower is declining or that it's iinfluenceis waningBy 1960 the Chinese economy is likelyto grow to 65 Trillion dollars which willbe almost equal to the combined economiesOf USA, EU and Japan.

  5. China would like to establish a naval base in Sri Lanka. If the fees they are willing to pay is good then we will consider the proposal. India should make a good counter offer or the Chinese Navy will surround India.

  6. Ha, ha, try another one.

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