Discussion on Tibet

This is an interesting conversation with Mr Sree Iyer on China’s occupation of Tibet. The Q&A session was very varied and raised issues of significance. The discussion is based on my article @



2 responses to “Discussion on Tibet”

  1. The real point of the discussion is to discuss geostrategy. The proposal on the table is for India to withdraw recognition of Tibet as part of China and support secession in Tibet.China would not like that at all. However, an enormous opportunity would emerge. If India supports Tibet secession, then China can support Khalistan secession. India does not have capabilities like the US did in parachuting weapons and fighters into Tibet throughout the 1950s before the 1959 uprising. India could just offer rhetorical support. However, not only are China's capabilities superior to India, the situation in Punjab is more volatile with lots of discontented people from farmers to youths. There was an RPG attack on the intelligence headquarters in Mohali on May 9. China could repay India for Tibet secession by fueling a Khalistan insurgency. It would be more dangerous than all the insurgencies going on India combined. A violent Khalistan insurgency would consume the attention and resources of the Indian state.

  2. Much ado over nothing. CCP has been backing all kinds of BIF forces since the 50s and will keep doing so as long as they have territorial ambitions on their neighborhood. The fix for this is to push them out of the neighborhood , i.e Tiber. This requires intent more than capacity.

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