Agnipath : The Path Ahead

I had the opportunity to moderate a CASA webinar on Agnipath : The Path Ahead
It was a fascinating discussion. It covered ground hitherto glossed over. The panel was very knowledgeable. To have a  panel comprising of a C-in-C, an AOP and a DGMO going into various issues professionally from different perspectives was enriching. If you are really interested in the Agnipath Scheme and how to take it forward spend time going through the video. It will be worth your while.    



3 responses to “Agnipath : The Path Ahead”

  1. The way seniors are speaking they are not concerned about longterm.As regards performance,even a village lad joining terrorist organisatiin are able to handle sofiscticated technologies but,are pro during such persons in Nation.Compairing with young officers these Generals forget their selection process.Why Suddenly this process and ignoring set processes.If it is for poor economy and not able to pension,so I say a good employeer will get good and dedicated employee and it is a long chain not a a KNEE JERK REACTION OF SOME STUPID MIND WITH AUTHORITY AND ALL ARE FALLING IN LINE.THE GENERAL CADRE HAS GONE THROUGH LOT OF TRAING TO REACH THIS LEVEL.HOW IN SIX MONTHS W/O ANY FUTURE THIS LOT WILL BE ABLE TO DELIVER.SOME TIMES THESE .. TALK OF ROLE AS POINEERS OR PORTERS AND OTHER AND ABLE TI HANDLE JETS AND ALL WAR MACHINE.WHY IAS AND IFS ETC DONT TALK BCS OUR CADRE IS VERY KEEN TO COME ON TV AND DO BLA BLA.TOO SAD.WE ARE BEING MADE FOOL AND WE FEEL PROUD🤔👻

  2. sooty for typo mistakes.

  3. Two options1. Have no army if country cannot afford it.2. Impose national security cess like education chess in vogue. Both are for the benefits of one and all.3. Keeping army in view of threats and paying its cost always go together.

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