Quad Summit: Part 2

Aadi and I discuss some more issues regarding the on going QUAD Summit


2 responses to “Quad Summit: Part 2”

  1. Gen Saab, The US is a hegemon. As all hegemons, Uncle Sam is transformed into a rent seeker. The dollar is the vehicle for rent seeking and its the rest of the world that foots the bill for all its capricious military adventures. That includes India, China and Russia. Usurping and appropriating the commons was the strategy laid down by Rear Admrl Alfred Mahaan Thayer. That was amplified in the seminal work of Marine Gen Smedley Butler – First goes the dollar the boots follow and then the flag ! ” Isn't the trajectory familiar aka East India Company ? Those who seek to befriend US need to look at the work of Paul Wolfowitz and Zebgniew Brezinski. Three adverseries were visualised in that document, Project for the new American Century. India is seen as the third adversary! Can we ever forget Dec 1971? At that point of time there was the Soviet Union to help, and now we are alone saddled with a bunch of traitors calling themselves NASSCom, each one sharing the same DNA as Jagat Seth. We are alone in our quest for peace, isn't that the reality, Sir ?

  2. Not anonymous. Its Chandrashekar Shivkumar.

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