Generals Talk on Future of Pakistan

As a new dispensation comes into power in Pakistan, we discuss the future as we can see it. Its not rosy at all. 

2 responses to “Generals Talk on Future of Pakistan”

  1. Spot on analysis as always general sirs,PAK is in a morass of quicksand..and is sinking by the day it is bound to implode unless an army chief or a “mahdi” takes over the reigns and builds the nation again…both scenarios are implausible..What I don't understand is..why is india doing in PAK what it's doing in a “benign” way and for how long..taking a more “proactive” path and breaking the spine of pak by exploiting their myriad faultlines is important …this will make pak look deeply “inwards” as the general sir had mentioned and render china “innert” towards us in some aspects.

  2. Sir, is there a possibility the Biden admin has tacitly gone back to the G2 arrangement that Trump disrupted ? If that's the case, US & China may be colluding to revive Pakistan and use them against us like the US has used Ukraine against Russia. The noises the Pakistan army has made in favor of the US seem to be an indication of this possibility emerging. It will also serve the purpose of focussing the angst of the “awaam” back on us and reinforces the salience of the army to the Pakistani identity. I suppose we will know which way the wind is blowing with what happens to Taiwan this year. Does our government have any tripwires to keep an eye on for a potential G2 collusion? There does seem to be some danger of getting completely lulled into complacency by the US.

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