Generals Talk on Narratives of Ukraine

In this episode of Generals Talk , Lt Gen Satish Dua, Aadi and I discuss the narratives which are coming out of Ukraine and the need for taking a hard look at the flow of information coming out of the battle field. 



2 responses to “Generals Talk on Narratives of Ukraine”

  1. For the medium term, the winner looks to be the US MIC and deep-state as it has got the next “forever” war to push their agendas and has placed a deep thorn within Europe to keep them pre-occupied. If European rearmament leads to their atavistic tendencies rising again, another world war sparked by Europe is on the cards. If the western controlled financial and media systems get replaced by truly neutral mechanisms, the globe will be the winner.

  2. Good to hear some independent analysis.In terms of the implications for India: It appears that the US courted Ukraine since early to mid nineties after the fall of the Soviet Union. US has considered Russia to be a competitor at that time, and some how picked Ukraine, a closest neighbour of Russia as some kind of all. Ukraine seems to have got sucked into the role of a pawn in the games between super powers. The results of getting “ukrained” are there for all to see. Now, the US seems to regard China as the next major competitor. It may be natural for the US to want India, which is a close and big neighbour of China to become its ally/collaborator. Shouldn't India strongly avoid the temptation to become a US ally to counter China? There are some reasons due to which Nato could not join the war to defend Ukraine. In case, china decides to attack India, one would imagine that Nato/US would also not be able to come to India's defence for the same reasons. Do you think it is better for india to have economic co-operation with different blocks, and try to improve self reliance for defence purposes, with the expectation that no one will come to help india, in case there are any external attacks.

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