DD Panel Discussion: A Second Month Into The Ukraine War

Took part in a panel discussion on DD 
Gave my point of view as to about the current status of the war as it enters the second month.  


One response to “DD Panel Discussion: A Second Month Into The Ukraine War”

  1. Gen Shankar & Amb.Malhotra are a whiff of fresh air against all the one-sided propaganda from the West & English media. The professor is an outright propagandist and the other ambassador seems to be straight from the weak-kneed mould of the vasudheva kuttam-bunkum moralist that our foreign service seems to have been infested with. Russia won't tolerate an existentialist threat and repression of russian speakers on its border, which is difficult for these types to understand as we are willing to even allow genocides of our own within our own borders. Ukraine is most surely a proxy for the US's destabilizing games and Biden's rhetoric is simply to counteract his miserable ratings and potential loss of control of the house & senate in November.

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