Military Dimensions of Russia – Ukraine War: DD India Panel Discussion

I was part of a panel discussion on DD India on the military dimensions of the Russia Ukraine war. It was an informed panel. The scope included the current situation and where it is heading as also the Nuclear dimensions which have crept into this war. The discussion was interesting to say the least. Normally I do not get on to a TV channel. However I made an exception for DD since it is a staid and serious government channel which does not disintegrate into a slanging and shouting match. Every one is given adequate time to put an informed view across.  


One response to “Military Dimensions of Russia – Ukraine War: DD India Panel Discussion”

  1. Hypersonic missiles have the kinetic impact of nuclear weapons without the longterm and widespread effects of radiation. So, perhaps that's an indication Russia doesn't plan on using nuclear weapons. Secondly, they have mentioned nuclear weapons in the context of “outside interference,” clearly a warning to NATO/US not to deploy their military directly in Ukraine. So, that escalation is dependent on the west. Thirdly, Ukraine wouldn't have got its independence without giving up the nukes. So, the case of “fairness” raised by the host is moot.

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