Wang Yi's Proposed Visit Part 1- Analysis of China in The Current Context

Mr Wang Yi is likely to visit India. Why is he visiting India? What are the portents ahead? However before that we need to understand what is the current status of China? Only then we can come out with options available as to how to progress Sino Indian relations. Aadi and I had an interesting recap on China in this short video. 



One response to “Wang Yi's Proposed Visit Part 1- Analysis of China in The Current Context”

  1. Sir, in part 2 could you comment on whether the the Chinese attention on Taiwan is a deceptive feint towards lulling us into complacency on the Arunachal front during this RUS/UKR distraction ? Also, should our negotiations with China take a non-negotiable hardline on achieving an independent and neutral status for Tibet. This would restore the natural buffers between our two civilizations and would be good for both. Once, the physical threat is removed, both can focus on co-operating in other spheres to usher in an Asian millennium.

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