ORF Fellows Seminar on China's Military Civil Fusion

I participated in the ORF Fellows seminar on China’s  Military Civil Fusion. The basic research paper was presented by Dr Manoj Joshi. It was a well researched paper and presented eloquently. Dr Amrita Jash  of Manipal University and I were the co panellists. The proceedings of the panel are in the video below

Every nation must go through the process of Military Civil Fusion if it is to attain greatness. The colonial powers did it in the 19th century. USA and Russia have done that in the last century. China is doing it now. The subject of China’s Military Civil  Fusion is very important for India since it gives us a model to work upon if we strive for greatness.Dr Manoj Joshi’s paper is @, China’s Military-Civil Fusion Strategy, the US Response, and Implications for India | ORF (

Recently I had given a talk at the Chennai Centre for China Studies on this subject. It was based on an article written by me. My article is available @ . The proceedings of the Institutional talk I gave at C3S are @


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