Discussion on Military Lessons For India in Ukraine War

 Had a very interesting discussion on the lessons for India from the Ukraine War so far. 

2 responses to “Discussion on Military Lessons For India in Ukraine War”

  1. My question is why did Putin attack Ukraine and cause extensive damage to Civilian targets ? Russia could have launched a covert operation to dislodge the Ukraine regime and plave a puppet president there. And Russia's capability to interfere in internal affairs other Countries covertly is well known.

  2. It's hard to guess Russias objectives but I don't think grabbing Zelensky was a priority. Time will tell but, I think they will try and absorb the eastern zone with minimum damage, perhaps up to the banks of the Dnieper, and leave the western area as a neutral buffer zone. This would be close to restoring the pre-Ukraine status-quo. They probably can take Kiev if they use maximum firepower but it looks like they have held back so far.

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