Two Million Views on Gunners Shot

It is a matter of honour and pride that ‘Gunners Shot has recorded Two million views spanning 477 posts. ‘Gunners Shot is now viewed across more than 25 countries with a daily viewership ranging between 1500 -3000. Little did I know that when I posted my first post on 04 Feb 19, I will be able to write so much and be read so much. Initially the response to my articles was low…typically…if there were 50-views per day on the blog…it was celebration time. As things evolved, viewership increased. The feedback has largely been positive. At this juncture, I sincerely  thank the editor of a leading portal who rejected my article  Defence in Distress .  That rejection prompted me to start this blog. The great learning is that failure and disappointment should never deter us. One can always make a new start even at 62. Never too late in life.   

Gunners Shot Blogsite

On this occasion I sincerely thank all my readers who have regularly read what I have written and given me some great feedback and encouragement. It has kept me motivated to write as authentically as possible based on some amount of research. Your continued indulgence in this blog will keep me motivated and I look forward to it. 


I also thank think tanks and media platforms who have been regularly publishing my articles. If there are more platforms wanting to join in, I will be more than happy to share my articles and video presentations. It will be at no cost and no agenda. My only intent is to write from an Indian perspective keeping Indian interests uppermost in my mind. It has also been my endeavour to deconstruct the hype surrounding China, Pakistan and Western thinking. While doing so I have been propagating an indigenous thought process best suited for India. My narrative is purely Indian. I would also like to qualify that my writings are totally apolitical with no bias towards any side – Right, Left or Centre. 


Gunners Shot Website

At this juncture I wish to sincerely thank my wife Lalita who has been correcting each and every  article of mine to smoothen the rough edges and  make the presentation better. My son, Vijay, helped me construct the Gunners Shot website. My daughter Sudha initiated me into making my own graphics and bails me out when in a fix. She helped me set up the blog three years back. To that extent this blog is a product of a true Gunner family. I can not thank them enough.

International Readership



10 responses to “Two Million Views on Gunners Shot”

  1. Congratulations Sir ..we all are indeed very very proud of your achievements and your writings … look forward to the 'Gunner Shot' each day … Happy Musings.

  2. Congratulations! Your excellent analysis each and every time, gave you the edge. I look forward to many more illuminating articles on your blog.

  3. Its simply been an honour to be associated with an intellectual, visionary and devoted personality of your calibre. And a hard taskmaster to that.

  4. Termendous effort and superior stuff posted by you Sir.Our compliments

  5. Congratulations! A truly well deserved milestone. I have not missed out a single article of yours and seen most of your interviews. More power to you. Excellent analyses, as always. Hope the powers to be too are following your blog.

  6. Dear Shankar, heartiest congratulations. When we met decades ago as a Coy Cdr and Bty Cdr, little did I realise that my friend was a genius. I do go through most of your well researched articles.Delighted to read each one of them. I only hope that the powers that be who should benefit from your vision and strategic thinking also go through these. Once again my compliments and best wishes. Regards.

  7. Great going Shanker. That Editor may be in Distress seeing this milestone now. Keep firing. Cheers

  8. Great achievement. Your simplicity strikes chord with the readers. Best Wishes.

  9. Congratulations Sir.I thoroughly enjoy and get enriched by your well-researched posts. I am a bit surprised that not many in China, our principal adversary, reads your blog posts. Wishing you all the best sir,Regards

  10. Great Sir. Your articles are very informative and enriching

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