Discussion On Brahmos on P Gurus

Had a very interesting live discussion on Brahmos with Mr Sree Iyer. The QA session was particularly interesting.  


2 responses to “Discussion On Brahmos on P Gurus”

  1. Sir,a very valid point on our certain systems bieng “archaic”..thereby enabling it to be cyberproofed to a certain true.Reacting to a comment about china bieng an adversary..i think,It would indeed be very unwise to consider this CCP Regime as an adversary.. as of today this regime headed by Xi jinping along with his coterie controls the CCP,CMC and the destiny of the chinese people and the nation.We as a nation shpuld be very clear that so long as this regime is there at the helm,they are our enemy NUMBER 1..they will always want to keep us boxed in..and keep us focussed inwards with myriad problems..the chinese lay a lot of emphasis and importance on civilizational past and in this aspect we as a nation are far greater than them..they also know that india will outmatch them in the next 20 years..they are intent on trying to deter this.. their previous leaders disliked us, they showed it pretty blatantly in the near past..with tibet ..62..5 finger and palm strategy 71 etc ..and so is the present regime..dokala,galwaan arunachal etc…time and again they have only decieved us hurt us and taken advantage of us. The fact is, this CCP regime past and present have never had any care or concern whatsoever for their own people…be it MAO's cultural rev,the great famine, tiananmen etc..and now Xi and his arrogant,dictatorial ways in purging,subduing his own people.It is indeed foolish to expect them to have a dignified notion and understanding about another “nation” and its people.Treating them as an..enemy will enable us in deterring and countering their various malicious intent, designs and initiatives.In some aspects the GOI's strategic silence on certain chinese faultlines is deafening.But a better clarity might be “audible” probably if Xi jinping seals his position in the final session of the election in the latter part of the year.Once again,its always a pleasure to listen and read your opinions..please keep it flowing.

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