MY ODE TO BIPIN RAWAT by Lt Gen P R Shankar (R)


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  A mighty general, best of the soldiers, and a dear friend: An ode to CDS Bipin Rawat 

Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat died along with his wife, Madhulika Rawat, and eleven others in a helicopter crash in the Nilgiris. The nation conveys its heartfelt  condolences to all those who lost their near and dear ones in this tragic incident. We also pray that Group Capt. Varun Singh, who is being treated for injuries in MH Wellington comes through.


In this untimely demise of  General Bipin Rawat, I lost a long-time friend, the Armed Forces lost a great leader and the nation lost one of its best soldiers it ever had. Many might disagree but I will qualify. Till 2015, India was a soft nation. Any two bit terrorist could do anything and get away. When India carried out cross border surgical strikes on terrorist camps in Myanmar, General Bipin Rawat masterminded them as GOC 3 Corps in Dimapur. In 2016, as the Vice Chief of Army Staff, he was instrumental in the decision making, planning and execution of cross LOC strikes  against terrorist launch pads in POK. He prepared the  Indian Army for any follow up escalation. His finest action was to stop PLA in its tracks at Doklam when he was the COAS in 2017. For the first time after 1967, China was thwarted physically by India. After the Doklam incident, India developed the belief that it can stand up to China. The PLA invincibility bubble was pricked. In 2019, Bipin Rawat had fully prepared the Indian Army to enable the IAF carry out strikes on Jabba Top (nee Balakot). Last year when the PLA aggression manifested along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh, he was at the helm of affairs, as CDS. His decision would have led to India occupying the Kailash range. It forced PLA to retreat 8 Km, from Finger 4 on the Pangong-Tso lake, after destroying its own bunkers. This has not happened even after the Sumdorong Chu incident. The Chinese are still sitting there. He was not flamboyant like Field Marshal Manekshaw who decisively defeated Pakistan.  He was not brilliant strategically like General Sundarji, who outflanked China. However, connect all the operational dots I have outlined. Something far greater  comes out. He has incrementally reinforced belief in the Indian Armed Forces to defend the nation. India’s operational thought process has transformed irreversibly. He leaves a hard and strategically confident India to take its rightful place in world affairs. We need to thank General Rawat, one of India’s best soldiers for this.


Bipin Rawat was outstanding from the time he won the ‘Sword of Honour’ at IMA. He lived  up to the initial promise with an outstanding professional and academic record throughout his life. In 1991, we listened to many distinguished speakers as  students in DSSC, Wellington. Most of us, bright eyed young Majors, unquestioningly lapped up whatever they spoke. Bipin Rawat was one of the few who could get into an intellectual discussion with the speaker. He was a cut above the rest even then. Later in 2001, we did the Higher Command Course in Army War College after finishing command of our respective units in the Eastern Sector. We used to have lengthy discussions about how to deal with China and PLA in future. It was an oddity at that time when the Twin Towers had just been brought down, Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilisations’ was the international discussion and  Pakistan was India’s national obsession. My dissertation on China,  and all my writings thereafter was part of his study always. We were convinced since then that China and PLA would one day dominate the national thought and we should be prepared for it. This conviction and effort to prepare India for it continued till the end. 


General Rawat had a balanced professional career. He commanded 5/11 Gorkhas in Kibithu (Walong Sector). He commanded an RR Sector in the Valley and  an UN brigade as part of MONUSCO. He commanded 19 Infantry Division along the LOC and 3 Corps in Dimapur. He had great operational insight and experience in conventional and sub conventional operations. He put this to good effect as a COAS and CDS. His exposure in the US Army Command and General Staff College widened and rounded his thinking. He applied all this knowledge to good effect when appointed as India’s first Chief of Defence Staff.  He started initiating reforms in India’s Higher Défense Organization and has laid the ground work  for enhanced jointness and roll out of joint theatre commands. I personally know that he was convinced that the only way forward to strategic independence was to be ‘atmanirbhar’. His stress on it is reflected in the long ‘negative list’ of imports and in his persistent insistence that the AK 203 rifle factory should come up in India to make us self sufficient for small arms. 


The Bipin Rawat I knew was a man of unimpeachable integrity and rare honesty. He was quite outspoken and wore his heart on his sleeve. I always wondered where he got his bustling energy and stamina from. He had tremendous qualities of head and heart. This is quite different from the public perception. In most cases he was quoted out of context. However if one looks at it dispassionately, he was also able to bring about a great degree of Politico-Military convergence in the national thought process which was sorely lacking.   


Mrs Madhulika Rawat was a great lady. She took care of their home base when Bipin served India at its borders for long. For the best part since we knew her, she stayed at Noida, in a completely civilian set up,  looking after their parents’ , bringing up their young daughters while eschewing all the trappings and benefits of Army life. It was a true sacrifice for the nation. She was the epitome of simple grace and goodness. My wife and I will personally miss her. Our heart goes out to their daughters in this hour of grief. May God bless General and Mrs Rawat and may their souls rest in peace.  


18 responses to “MY ODE TO BIPIN RAWAT by Lt Gen P R Shankar (R)”

  1. Rip to our brave chief😥

  2. Indeed a Big Loss. Rest in Peace. OM Shanti

  3. A great fearless single mindedly devoted visionary. May his soul rest in peace

  4. RIP to our brave CDS.Om Shanti

  5. Sure, the Gen was different. Rest in Peace.

  6. A true braveheart the country will miss him may the souls of all the soldiers who died in the crash rest in peace

  7. Rest in peace, Gen Rawat.

  8. Still am struggling for wordsJai Hind Sir.

  9. A great loss indeed.Tears in my eyes. Sad Gathi

  10. Invisible a great loss to the organization and nation RIP

  11. His untimely death is a great loss for the nation.

  12. Nation and Armed Forces lost a great leader. Rest in Peace sir

  13. Great article Sir. An Apt ode to the Thinking General.

  14. How well said sir of Late Gen Bipin Rawat .We were neighbour's commanding at Kibitu/Walong.A spirited ,humane and loved general

  15. அவருடைய தியாகத்திற்கு தலைவணங்குகிறேன்

  16. An ode worthy of the departed soldier.A final salute to Gen Rawat.May his soul attain moksha..🙏

  17. A befitting and touching Tribute to the Great Souls. May the departed Souls Rest in Peace.

  18. great tribute ….but dont wish RIP as Rest in peace means resting in the body of Christ. A Hindu jiva reincarnates or attains Moksha and does not RIP

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