Panel Discussion : The Economic Times Aerospace and Defence Summit 2021

The  2nd edition of ‘The Economic Times Aerospace and Defence Summit 2021(ET ADS 2021) took place on 16th November 2021.  The Summit 2021 brought together industry experts on one platform to deliberate on the growth opportunities while dealing successfully with the challenges. It was my honour that I took part in the Summit as a guest speaker in a panel which covered panoramic  aspects of important  policies, plans and challenges at national level. the discussion was interesting and  many important issues came up. The recording of the discussion is placed above. 

A request was put forth to me to put it on the net for a wider audience to see it at their leisure. A view from Australia was – “Sir fantastic session and some deep insights on Atmanirbharta SWOT analysis. Realistically got the nail on the head that India needs to decide what’s to outsource globally and what’s best to manufacture domestically. Even F35 has components from over 40 countries allied to US with 400gms per aircraft or rare earth coming from China!! Recording link of this session will be very useful Sir for those interested to do more manufacturing, assembly and integration in India”.

I would welcome views and feed back on issues which have come up. 


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