India's Neighbourhood : A Discussion

Aadi Achint and I had a discussion on India’s neighbourhood. What came out of the discussion is that while we need to be focussed on Afghanistan, Pakistan and China, the situation in Sri Lanka and Myanmar is fragile and unsettled. We need to do more to reach out to these nations to help them stabilise.  

This episode is thanks to my course mate Lt Gen Raman Dhawan (retd) who reminded me that I have been focussing too much to the West and that India faces major problems in the South and East also. We need to be balanced and focus more all around. We can not afford to lose focus in areas which matter to us. That is why the focus on Sri Lanka and Myanmar in this episode of Neighbourhood Watch.  


One response to “India's Neighbourhood : A Discussion”

  1. Sir,Much needed discussion on the neighbourhood with a special attention being drawn to Myanmar.The need of the hour to have the neighbours affiliations with Indua primarily is well articulated.Regards..

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