China Pakistan Nexus : A Discussion

In this video, Aadi and I discuss various hues of the China Pakistan nexus. We trace this nexus from its roots and analyse as to why two ideologically opposite nations have gone to great lengths to forge a relationship. We also analyse this relationship in contemporary times and examine as to how it will affect India. We also analyse the collusivity factor against India.  



3 responses to “China Pakistan Nexus : A Discussion”

  1. Salute Lt. General Ravi Shankar Thank you very much – Your analysis & insight gives lot of strength & confidence to everyone who listen / readThere are many who simply say China is invincible, bla bla bla. You are a true master of gauging the ground reality

  2. Pak plan for NW can be traced to 1965. Here is a reference: In 1965 Bhutto declared that “Pakistan will eat grass or leaves, even go hungry” to acquire a nuclear weapons capability (Matinuddin 2002, 83; International Institute for Strategic Studies 2007, 15).

  3. Another very fine session

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