The Generals Talk on Two Years After Abrogation of Article 370

We resumed the Generals Talk after a hiatus of nearly a month. In this episode , Lt Gen Satish Dua , Aadi Achint and I had a very interesting and fruitful discussion on the outcomes of the past two years since scrapping Article 370 . We discussed the internal and external factors, in hindsight and looked ahead as to what it will take to make the whole process a success. Few issues emerged. There is no going back. Every stake holder needs to look ahead. While there have been many gains, we must understand that it is a long road ahead which demands patience and maturity. It is not an easy road ahead.  Most importantly there will be external ramifications to every action and internal repercussions. However we need a whole of government political approach as we look ahead into a hopeful future with determination and confidence. Comments on the discussion are welcome……   



3 responses to “The Generals Talk on Two Years After Abrogation of Article 370”

  1. It was a good discussion clearly laying out progress made so far and what needs to be done going forward. Thank you!

  2. Re IL 76, they generally due to the nature of low bypass engines generate significantly less take off thrust than modern high bypass tuebofans. A C17 by comparison with its hi bypass turbofans and blown flaps wont suffer that serious a penalty. Do watch this il 76 take off video at sea level on hot day.

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