The Neighbourhood Watch

This is the inaugural session of Neighbourhood Watch. If India’s Neighbourhood First policy is to succeed, we must know and analyse what is happening in the neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Watch is an attempt to bring to all of you, as to what is happening around us with some analysis. In this inaugural session, Aadi Achint and I have touched upon all our neighbours to get the entire canvas into focus. Henceforth we will focus on important issues. Feed back is important and we will welcome it.   

I am also proud to state that GUNNERS SHOT has crossed 1.5 MILLION in viewership since I started the blog. 
I started the blog since I faced a lot of rejection from established newspapers, magazines and web portals who wanted me to change my views or dilute them to suit their ideas. 

One of them threw my article submission back at my face very rudely. On that day I started GUNNERS SHOT. 

I felt that unless we have honesty and integrity in our analysis and approach we will never succeed as a military and nation. We need to face our situations squarely without bias, fear or favour 
I have written on various issues based on ground knowledge and extensive research. I will continue to do so. 
I will continue to do so since that is what all of you readers have spurred me to do. 

Thank You All for ensuring that I stay on course.

Personally for me , it is payback time. 
I have to give to the next generation what our last generation gave to us, so that India is a better country, defended by the best Armed Forces in the world.    

6 responses to “The Neighbourhood Watch”

  1. SirAs resolute as ever..always spoke up the way it needs to be.Regards

  2. I didn't realise the background to gunnershot but it is an “intellectual institution now” for anyone who needs a clear, knowledgeable and unbiased insight

  3. This is different and let it remain different….Best wishes sir

  4. Your exhaustive informations and incisove perspective are an eye opener.

  5. Sir, A common Indian citizen seldom analyses any issues from the nation's security point of view… Be it Kashmir or for that matter interference of foreign vested interests in the recent farmer protests… They only see the political angle… This needs be changed… Your articles must get wider publicity…

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