The Generals Talk : What The Armed Forces Can Do

In the second edition of The Generals Talk, Lt Gen Satish Dua and I, anchored by Aadi Achint, discuss about what the armed forces can do at this point of time during this unprecedented national crisis. we go into the capabilities and limitations of the Armed Forces in such a situation: specially when the situation on the LAC is still nebulous.   

We would be very encouraged if you can put your comments and suggestions either on the blog or in You Tube.  


4 responses to “The Generals Talk : What The Armed Forces Can Do”

  1. The Army should not get too much involved in controlling the Pandemic as China may try to utilise the situation to further its aims and try to get hold of territory to achieve dominance over India.

  2. Very Realistic appraisal. Great going

  3. Army is no doubt a national resource. Its leadership must be careful and conscious to stick its neck out to control pandemic. It is neither trained, not is that its task. Aiding in a limited way is ok.

  4. Very well brought out.

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