COVID-19 seems to have become all encompassing.  Before we even realised what was happening, it has threatened the life of every single human being on the earth and has even gone to the extent of bringing the world to a grinding halt. A ‘Global lock down’ was unimaginable, even in the wildest of science fictions, till just a few weeks back. While there are historical records of a couple of severe calamities which struck the world in the distant past, there certainly was none, even marginally comparable to this, in the living memory of today’s world citizens.

We are living through an unprecedented global calamity. Magnitude of the Corona calamity was multiplied by the fact that it happened almost overnight. Despite the benefits of instant global communication, the virus gave us no warning at all. There was no time to prepare. We still have no idea how to fight it and so all that we are doing now is to avoid a contact with this enemy and avoid giving it a battle. We are in the midst of a planned withdrawal.  Only time will tell whether we succeed in avoiding a battle for long enough to help prepare our defenses. We really have no other option at the moment. Under the circumstances, India has been coping satisfactorily, so far.
Manifestation of the calamity has left us operating in a totally unchartered territory. No one has walked this path before us. It has disrupted every activity on the face of the earth. Every challenge, down the road will, therefore, be a new challenge, requiring solutions which were never conceived or contemplated by us before. But, as always, new challenges will naturally throw up new opportunities. This is the one bright ray of hope, especially for a country like India.
The virus will go away sooner or later. But it will leave huge human and economic devastation in its wake. Time alone can assuage the tragedy of loss of human lives. As far as the economic devastation is concerned, it will disrupt the entire structure of global economic activity, pushing us towards total restructuring. Globalization will undergo a makeover and will, hereafter, be viewed through prisms other the prism of manufacturing cost and profits alone. Greater degree of self sufficiency, alternate supply chains, multiple sources for ingredients, transparency, higher levels of stock etc will engage more attention. It is also worth dwelling upon one significant issue that will concern us and that is, in the post COVID 19 era, will the world trust China to remain its manufacturing hub? if not China, then who? India? There’s a distinct opportunity lurking on the horizon. The stage seems to be set for us, in this regard. But we need to do some urgent housekeeping, if we want to successfully reach out to the world and avail the stream of fleeting opportunities that will appear on the horizon as we go forward. We have to make ourselves the ‘best option’ for anyone in search of a suitable alternative to China. There will be many takers. We have everything going our way to be a competitive and viable alternative. But some of the recent undesirable domestic upheavals make it essential for us to convey to the world that India is a stable democracy. For this, the Indian politicians across the board and our incorrigible army of pseudo intellectuals will have straightaway to take a break from playing community and religious political games. The Government must remain agile and make requisite policy provisions. The Indian media also has a lot to do to ward off the biased and false projection of events in our country by the western media.

As and when the COVID-19  calamity starts receding, the world will witness unfolding of a great deal of power play, countries scurrying to hedge their national interests, the end of economic interests alone dictating regional and global grouping / affiliations and restructuring of world bodies like UN, IMF, WHO etc. With a bit of political goodwill on the part of our political leaders, India can place itself in the most advantageous position to take full advantage of the opportunities that the post COVID-19 world will throw up.

This calamity has also opened our eyes to the need for a drastic change in the entire sequencing of priority with regard to national security dimensions. The ease with which even riff-raff entities can pose real and viable threats to even the most powerful nations in the world is unimaginable. The ease of deniability of such strikes makes it ‘better than the best’ option for rogue elements. Ruthless savages lurking around the world have had more than a firsthand glimpse of the devastation that can be caused with ease. They have just been shown how to get past the metal detectors and all known surveillance equipment around the world with total impunity. India and the world have no choice but to adopt immediate, effective surveillance and other measures to protect our population.
As far as ecology and environment are concerned, there is a silver lining in the clouds. The global lock down has achieved far more than even the best unanimous global treaty could ever have achieved. The world has witnessed visible and positive ecological impact. It has also set us thinking if consumption based development is a viable model at all for the world. For India, the calamity also signals efforts needed to stabilize our population growth.

Voices are being raised around the world to fix responsibility for the COVID-19 outbreak and investigations are on to trace the source of the virus. Results of such investigations will remain suspect, considering the lack of credibility of even entities like the WHO. Under the circumstances, it is tricky to take a call as a country, in this regard. The facts and the truth are likely to remain hazy for a very long time. We should not be in a hurry to take a position. As and when the time arises, based on what suits our national interest the most and the truth (if the truth ever emerges at all), we can take a call on this.


  1. Very well written article…Views expressed are balanced and professional…

  2. Worth reading. The entire scenario relating to how the virus has been affecting the world is fully covered. Let us hope for the best n stay home n stay safe

  3. Well articulated,endorse the views of Lt.Gen CA Krishnan.The new scenario will be the norm for several months ahead. We will indeed witness several changes both within India and globally.Struggle for existence and survival of the fittest is bound to happen…..

  4. Indeed a very well articulated expressions of Lt.Gen Krishnan Sir, Nature is rebooting and so will bring in radical changes across the globe. Survival will depend on adaptation to these changes, learning from the mistakes and not repeating them again .

  5. Events such as this have happened in the distant past but the societal experience coupled with hubris has been lost which is why this is seen as such a huge issue.Mankind doesn't capture and remember events that happened more than 3-4 generations ago. For example, while we may have systems in place to prevent famines, how many of us remember the impact and consequences of the Great Bengal Famine? Heck, how many of us remember the huge impact that WW-II had on us?The question is how are such events captured (we have all the tools needed) and stored so that the knowledge they contain can be analysed in the distant future.

  6. Very well thought out article, Sir. As a species that has tampered with nature the most, we are now paying a heavy price. We have to redefine our needs, and rework our development plans to sustain mother nature. The most important lesson to learn from this pandemic should be the futility of commercialised religion. It is time to discard every religion in its present form, along with its preachers, pilgrimage centres and properties, and make it a pure, personal affair between each Man and his God, one to one.

  7. Sir, A 360 degree view of the COVID 19 crisis and plausible scenarios once we get back to normal. I feel one of the fallouts will be the beginning of the end of globalisation as we knew it till now. Will world become more dependent on China is yet to be seen as it has started post Corona era and rest of the world still grapples with lockdowns. If India comes out of this with minimal damage, world will see us as a resilient nation and a reliable partner to counter Chinese influence.

  8. I agree with Gen Krishnan.Reboot the entire life-style – more with the privileged (and less with the under-privileged), get back to the basics of lives, come out from the comfort zone (which the past generation built for the present generation)….and so on. Mental and physical Happiness, once again, substitute Material Happiness!! The way to the future.

  9. Sir. Slightly late in reading. Very well articulated article. It is time we become natural alternatives to China but many issues within the country needs to be fixed

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