Authority Without Responsibility

The Pakistani Army is in pole position. Full authority. No responsibility. Carry on with proxy war against India. Provoke the Indian Army.  Wave the nuclear card at the slightest indication of a conventional Indian retaliation. Anyway the conventional window is narrow and really not cost effective. Mr Imran Khan sans authority is made to do his puppet act of war avoidance with hollow promises. Kashmir is kept in flames. It is an unassailable winning position. India’s talks with a puppet is useless. It can’t deal with the Deep State which has concealed itself behind a constitutional farce. In fact, the Pakistani Army brass post Pervez Musharraf have played it smart by not staging another coup to assume direct responsibility. They are fighting a proxy war from a proxy position.  At every turn in its history, the Pakistani Army has been seen by the people to be the savior from corrupt and incompetent politicians and from an existential threat from India. It does not matter if the Army has lost half the nation over many wars. The other half still feels that the Army is its lifeline. No wonder the Deep State has grown stronger with every defeat and Pakistan has become an Army with a country.

Tackle the Real Authority

 Kashmir has two centres of gravity. The first being the Pakistani Army and the second being the people of Kashmir. Every system with two centres of gravity will be imbalanced till one of them is destroyed. In case balance is to be restored, the Pakistani Army must be destroyed. Kashmiris must be protected ( It is only then that a stage will be set to restore J&K to normalcy. Also, a cold analysis will reveal that all through the past decades our overtures have been democratic in nature and the proactive response from the Deep State has been purely military. This must change. We have been tackling the wrong authority till now. Results will come when the real authority feels pain. Get after the Deep State and destroy its credibility in the eyes of its population layer by layer. Conditions must be created for its demise through a whole of the nation multi-pronged approach. Any dealing with the elected government of Pakistan can continue as the side show. Also let us stop being squeamish about it. Parliament Attack, Mumbai, Pathankot, Uri, Pulwama, BD Bari, Sunjuwan and many more attacks later, let us give it back to them unambiguously but intelligently.   
The Stage is Set

The impending withdrawal of USA from the region, a weak economy, problems with Iran, uncertainty in the shape of things to come in Afghanistan, China going through a wobble and the international community not exactly on its side – the stage is set for us to target the Pakistani Army. It is also time to stop giving dossiers, seeking international support and making useless bombastic speeches. It is time to fire for effect. How do we do it? Target their chinks and chip away at them one by one. Sustained. Relentless. Focused. Bleed the Pakistani Army – cut by cut.

Military Response. Militarily, we must start targeting the Pakistani posts along the LOC systematically to degrade them. In addition, their infrastructure should be destroyed in a planned manner. The depth should be increased.Logistic installations in depth should be targeted in a covert manner. If there are civilian causalities so be it. Pakistan cannot afford civilian causalities on its side and can not inflict them on our side except in Jammu Region. This has been analyzed earlier. ( For every terrorist attack in our territory there should be an assured  retribution immediately. Many more actions can be thought of. The idea is to keep it well within any threshold. Systematic, methodical, effective and relentless. Break them with firepower. Of course, some unpublicized cross LOC strikes will add to the spice. stop chest thumping political gimmickry.   

Sub Conventional Response.  Sub conventional responses against Pakistan will pay handsome dividends. The targets are numerous. CPEC being the prime in it. In addition, Baluchistan and Northern areas are ripe for insurgency. The thought that 6000-7000 fully filled trucks will be plying on CPEC highways from Kunjerab pass to Gwader is a mouthwatering dream for any sub conventional artiste. I would recommend our military planners to read the all-time classic – Seven Pillars of Wisdom. CPEC resembles a modern-day Hejaz railway. Just find the TE Lawrence to go with it. Results will be out of proportion. I have always believed that CPEC is the third front of Pakistan. Target it. The Army will sue for peace. ( (
Economic Response. An economic response to the Pakistani military is the tough one. However, any aid getting into the country should not end up with the military. This must be the cornerstone of our diplomatic efforts. It will pay a lot of dividends if we put pressure on those who are dealing with our military,  seeking contracts from us,  to shun Pakistan hence forth. Any violation of this clause should lead to penalties and black listing. Put an intelligent economist on the job. He will expose the economic chinks of the Army to target.

Human Rights Violations. Human rights violations by Pakistan have been ignored by us. It is interesting to read a BBC report titled Balochistan: The untold story of Pakistan’s other war. There would be other such stories which can be dug out and highlighted. Human rights violations are not confined to J&K and Indian Armed Forces only.  However, we need to have an action plan to make them known to the world.  (

Nuclear Response. The Pakistani nuclear card is their ace of spades in their calculations. Turn it into their weakness. Response in this zone has multiple ways. Mount a research to study their Nuclear program and intercept their fissile material supplies with an aim to dry them out. Study their nuclear assets and locations and start a hunt for them. It can be done. (

Poor Military Leadership. A retired officer who was a camp commandant of a Pak POW camp in 1972 used to recount that the Pakistani soldiers used to tell him that the combination of Indian officers and Pakistani soldiers would be unbeatable. He was indirectly conveying that the Pakistan officers were poor. Given their control of the State and their involvement in many nonmilitary activities their leadership would have only worsened. Hence psychological portraits and targeting military leadership will pay dividends. Undermine the confidence of the leadership. Target their perks. Should be planned for the long term.
Perception Management. Perception management through our media is very poor. There are enough chinks in the Pakistani armor which can be exploited. Corruption, sectarian strife, poor state of social conditions, economy etc etc. All these problems can be juxtaposed with the luxury enjoyed by the military and at what cost to the aam admi. For a developed national media our approach is jingoistic, and ham handed with Arnab Goswamis of this world running riot. Something more sophisticated and professional must be done. 
Iran -Afghanistan -India Axis. India, Iran and Afghanistan should develop an axis of cooperation. This is a critical issue. That will hem in Pakistan and make the Army look in all directions to stretch it. Play up Durand line politics. Get into the post USA dispensation in Afghanistan. It will not be easy for Pakistan to regain space there like before. The Taliban itself would have changed. Time to be pragmatic. From another point of view, if we do not keep the ex-Taliban fighters busy on the Af- Pak area they will be diverted to Kashmir. Let us spend some of that 400-billion-dollar forex reserves and inflict pain on the Pakistani Army. In the process if the country breaks up so be it. 
Scholastic Approach. The Pakistani Army is very sensitive about scholastic writings about it. They have been intimidating, discrediting, and silencing US based scholars. Commission studies through grants to foreign scholars to research the Pakistani Army and how to degrade it. We will get results and options which we can never think of. (

US Assistance.  USA has had very deep relations with the Pakistan Army since the heady days of 1971. If there is one country which knows Pakistan well it is USA. US forces have operated out of Pak bases.  Many Pakistani officers have done many courses in USA. So, there is a lot of intelligence to gain there. USA can be persuaded to ensure that spares for US gifted weapon systems are dried out and no new weapons are given. In addition, training of all forms can be denied. Don’t we have a strategic partnership with USA? When will that be of use to both of us? In any case USA still has threats emanating from this region to its homeland and that is recognized by them. read their articles.  (  

Disruptive Technologies.  Disruptive technologies should be brought to bear on the Pakistani Army. Put a team on it full of whizz kids and freaks. They will amaze us with their ideas of disruption. 
Military Wealth. It would do some good to our planners to read the book Military Inc: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy by Ayesha Siddiqa. As per this book, Pakistani military owns bakeries, banks, petrol pumps, cement factories, insurance companies and universities. Run by retired military personnel.. They are a powerful network of opaque  military foundations — the Fauji, Shaheen and Bahria . Private wealth is reportedly as high as $20bn – $10bn in land and $10 in private military assets. Reportedly, the military controls 1/3rd of all heavy manufacturing in the country and about 7% of Pakistani private assets. Army owns 12% of the country’s land, its holdings being mostly fertile soil in the eastern Punjab. 2/3rd of this in the hands of senior current and former officials, mostly brigadiers, major-generals and generals. The most senior 100 military officials are estimated to be worth, at the very least, £3.5 billion. This is the Achilles heel of the Pakistani Army. With the moolah floating in in the wake of CPEC, the other heel would also have been exposed. Hurt it. How? Ask Nirav Modi. 


There will be many critics of this approach. I am not in this game for a Nobel Peace Prize. I am a simple straight forward soldier who knows ho to inflict pain on the enemy and protect my countrymen. These are only some suggestions. More can be worked out. Also with some intent a clear action plan can be formulated and executed. However it must be a synergistic orchestration. I do hope  Mr Ajit Doval and Lt Gen Hooda read this article.  I also hope they have the sense to sit across a table and hammer out a common agenda and tell their bosses also to do so. A national approach is required. That is my recommendation. Otherwise, I hope I have entertained you and will leave the rest to the arnabgoswami pack to continue with the show. And, india will continue to be a weak nation.

This is an extract from the Dawn. Please glance at it. Very illuminating
The projects/units being run by the AWT are:
1.      Two stud farms in Pakpattan and Okara
2.      Army Welfare Sugar Mills, Badin
3.      Askari Project (shoe and woollen), Lahore
4.      Army Welfare Mess and Blue Lagoon Restaurant, Rawalpindi
5.      Real estate comprising three small housing schemes in Lahore, Badaber and Sangjani
6.      Askari General Insurance Co Ltd Rawalpindi
7.      Askari Aviation Services, Rawalpindi
8.      MAL Pakistan Ltd Karachi
9.      Askari Guards (Pvt) Ltd, head office (HO) in Rawalpindi
10.  Askari Fuels (CNG) with HO in Rawalpindi
11.  Askari Seeds, Okara
12.  Askari Enterprises, Rawalpindi
13.  Fauji Security Services (acquired from Fauji Foundation), HO in Rawalpindi
14.  Askari Apparel, Lahore
15.  Askari Lagoon, Faisalabad.
The projects/units under Fauji Foundation are:
1.      Fauji Cereals
2.      Foundation Gas
3.      Fauji Fertiliser Company Ltd
4.      Fauji Cement Co Ltd
5.      Fauji Oil Terminal and Distillery Co Ltd
6.      Fauji Kabirwala Power Company Ltd
7.      Foundation Power Co (Dharki) Ltd
8.      Askari Cement Ltd
9.      Askari Bank Ltd
10.  Foundation Wind Energy (I and II) Ltd
11.  Noon Pakistan Ltd Lahore
12.  Fauji Meat Ltd
13.  Fauji Fertiliser Bin Qasim Ltd
14.  Fauji Akbar Partia Marine Terminal Ltd, HO in Karachi.
A company under the name of Pakistan Maroc Phosphore SA was set up in Morocco by the Fauji Foundation in 2008.
Similarly, the projects, units and housing colonies under the administrative control of Shaheen Foun­dation, which is a trust of the Pakistan Air Force, are:
1.      Shaheen Airport Services
2.      Shaheen Aerotraders
3.      Shaheen Knitwear
4.      Shaheen Complex, Karachi
5.      Shaheen Complex, Lahore
6.      Shaheen Medical Services
7.      Hawk Advertising
8.      Fazaia Welfare Education School System
9.      SAPS Aviation College
10.  Air Eagle Aviation Academy
11.  Shaheen Welfare Housing Scheme, Peshawar.


  1. The in-depth research is indeed thorough & can be translated into positive action, by the concerned authorities.Additionally, at this particular point of time, the iron is hot. The Hon PM must call an all party Emergency meeting, & pass a resolution so that HE, the President, can pronounce & Revoke Article 370, & 35 A, immediately.This advise can be given by the Cabinet Committee, even without full agreement on this issue by some stubborn opposition parties. Lastly, it's high time we bring Kashmir into a true national main stream for its rapid development which can never be achieved without revoking these two Articles. The sooner the better. We should be ruthless in this regard, for getting rid of this highly sensitive issue, not withstanding, obstacles being created by pro PAK lobby.

  2. Article 370 & 35A should have been abrogated long back to bring J& K into the main stream. For the benifit of the nation the rulers could have had plebecite if need be rigging the polls in which our political parties were experts. Even now with Presidential proclamation the Articles can be abrogated. This will ensure the amalgamation of J&K with the rest of India. This is a prereqisite to sort our internal problem. We need to sort our internal problem first & simultaneously handle Pak? Otherwise the same situation will continue

  3. Repealing Article 370 is difficult and will need to go through the Parliament, whereas repealing Section 35 A is easy, it only requires a Cabinet clearance and a letter that the President should sign. It beats me as to why Modi is not doing it. It'd be a huge advantage in the elections too.

  4. Agree to what col S K Suri has said. Article 370 and 35 A are the causes of all problems in J&K. These should be revoked at this favorable time.

  5. Naa mumkin karna Modiji ke liye aasaan hai. Chunaav ke badd phir pradhan mantri banne ke baad ye kaam (370) khathm karne me kadam utaane chaahiye

  6. Fantastic and very well researched .Hope someone in the govt takes note.

  7. A well researched and balanced assessment. Sir what would be your take on the blocking of the Indus water flow into Pakistan ? Wouldn't that also serve to subjugate the rogue nation?

  8. The situation is ripe to assist the Baluchis in their war for freedom. How should India facilitate that?

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